Our Club Leaders

BobbieSenior Club Executive
The senior executive of the club, heading up from the Northern Virginia area with fellow executive Keshaun. He’s been a longtime fan and participant in the club since 2011 — Always up for a drive, or ready to hit the road on a pop-up cruise.
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KeshaunClub Executive
Keshaun has been apart of the club since it’s early days, he’s an OG member and club executive representing northern and southern Virginia. Down for a show, cruise or whatever the club is doing, you’ll usually find him in attendance to club meets.
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MarliaClub Executive
Marlia is an executive located in southern Maryland, she brings her many creative talents and uniqueness to the club as well as her long standing as the ‘first Lady’ of nGc.
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HarshClub Executive
Harsh is the newest member of the executive team, and also from Northern Virginia, He has been described by the club as Mr. Congeniality because he is so friendly and involved in the club activities.
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KhoaClub Advisor
Longest standing member of the leadership team, Khoa is an advisor for the club and the club executives.
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The Executive members of the club make up the Executive Committee. They lead the club as stated in the following articles.

Article IV – Executive Committee Powers

Section 4.1: Intentions 
The Committee shall put forth the best interest of the Club.

Section 4.2: Authority
Except as herein otherwise provided, the Committee shall exercise all powers of management of the club.

Section 4.3: Stewardship
It shall be the policy of the Committee to consult the members on any matters involving the general welfare and conduct of the Club.

Article V – Administrative

Section 5.1: Expectations
Membership in the Club, participation in Club events, and affiliations with the Club is privilege and not a right.

Section 5.2: Liability
Members shall attend the Club’s activities at their own risk and shall not hold the Club liable for any personal and/or property damages.

Section 5.3: Conflicts
Any and all disputes will be handled by the Committee as quickly as possible. Revocation of membership will be executed if internal disputes are not resolved in a timely and professional manner not to exceed 72 hours.

Section 5.4: Updates and Amendments
An amendment to these bylaws may be proposed only by Executive Committee members. No amendment shall become effective until approved by 2/3 of the Committee.