Membership in the National G Club (NGC) is open to all individuals in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area who meet the specific membership requirements outlined here.

Article III – Membership

Section 3.1:Membership Types

There shall be three (3) types of membership in the club; Executive, Active, and Honorary members.

Section 3.1.1:Executive Membership

Executives Memberships makes up the Executive Committee (hereafter referred to as “the Committee”) which is typically comprised of between 5-9 senior members. Executive Members should be an active member of the club and have demonstrated dedication and the ability to lead towards the best interests of the club. New Executive Members will be appointed and approved by the Committee on an annual basis.

Section 3.1.2:Active Members

Active Members are those that have shown and demonstrated an interest in the club, both online and in participating in official club activities. Active Members by definition take an active role to contribute to the clubs activities in order to obtain and/or renew Active Membership status. Active Membership is subject to the Committee’s approval on a semi-annual basis.

The following is a core requirement for Active Membership in the club

Members are required to travel outside of their region/living area (minimum 30 miles) two (2) times per six calendar months to meets in support of fellow members/prospects. They’re allowed to host a meet of their own in order to fulfill this requirement.

Section Membership or Renew In-Active Membership

In order to obtain a new membership or renew an Inactive Membership status, a prospect must be vouched for by at least one (1) Executive Member. Guidelines and/or suggestions toward earning that vouch are outlined below:

1. Submission of a new member application.

2. Plan/organize at least one (1) meet. Note: Prospects are not allowed to organize any cruise/drive of any kind. Any cruise/drive organized by a prospect will not be recognized as an NGC event and will not count towards this requirement.

3. Dedication to philanthropy – Prospects are required to participate in and/or contribute to at least one charity initiative sponsored by NGC

4. Prospects are required to attend another (current) prospects meet as a requirement for membership in the club. This must be done in order for the prospect to be considered for membership by the committee.

5. Prospects ‘duration status’ is a minimum of six (6) calendar months, during this time a prospect must meet the other requirements outlined in these bylaws to be considered as an official member candidate

6. Prospects who create a meet for membership within forty five (45) to (60) days of an Official Annual Meet in which voting of new members occurs will not have that meet apply towards membership requirement.

7. There is a six (6) month window for member’s activity participation in the club (meets, group events, etc); If the member hasn’t attended at least four (4) official club events within this six month window, then said member returns back to prospect status and must reapply and fulfill those prospect requirements in order to reinstate membership.

8. In order to reactivate an inactive membership prospects must fill out a RENEWAL OF IN-ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP FORM and await a response/reply from the executive committee in regards to their renewal status

9. ACTIVE Participation in NGC – Whether it’s coming out to meets, charity events, contributing to conversation on the forum and/or our Facebook page, do something! Don’t just talk about NGC, be a part of NGC!

These guidelines represent the absolute minimum, but do not guarantee membership.

Section Member Induction

New members will be inducted at the next semi-annual meeting.

Section 3.1.3.:Honorary Members 

Honorary Membership is granted to a former Active Member who no longer owns their G. Honorary Members are subject to the same requirements as Active Members. Honorary Members can also be members who has made a substantial contribution to the club regardless of whether it is a past, present, or future contribution.

Section 3.2:Revocation of Membership, Process 

Any Active Members may have his or her membership revoked via a 51% vote by the Committee for actions determined by the Committee to be detrimental towards the Clubs mission. Two thirds of total votes (of remaining Executive members) by the Committee is required for the revocation or removal of an Executive Member.

Section 3.2.1:Reestablishing Membership

Re-establishment of any Active members is subject to the committee as far as duration of revocation. At a minimum, all revoked members, have a one year term.

Section 3.2.2:Armed Forces/Civilian Federal Government Members

These users memberships are put in an “active-stay” position if the member meets one of the listed conditions. This status supersedes the rules outlined in prior sections, and the member is able to keep their status until they come off of orders.

  • Receives permanent change of station (PCS) orders
  • Orders to deploy for a period of not less than 90 days.
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